Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Latest In Little Owl's

My Little Owl's are my best seller through Etsy, Facebook and at my local consignment shop. Here is the latest news on the Owls!

I'm always open to fan feedback and one fan suggested I number my hat designs. I have started this with my little Owls, if you want to view all the styles I have created thus far please visit the facebook fan album here:Owl Hat Design...

You can always email to place a custom order and now give a style number to simplify the process. Or, you can go to my online Etsy Shop (Etsy) and look for the Owl with the same style number and checkout in a flash! Just specify your size in notes to seller at checkout.

I am always creating new Owl designs and welcome custom orders with your own color creations. I am kicking the idea around of marking down all Owl Hats by $10.00 for one upcoming month as sort of a stock up sale for those of you that would like them for next year when it gets cooler. They would be discounted on Etsy and for special order as well.Think this would be a great deal for my fans! :)

Owl's are also my most popular item featured in Etsy Treasuries. These are lists of great items on Etsy all put together. For the latest treasury that my little Owl's are featured in go to the following Link.The Black and White of It Treasury

Look for new Owl news coming soon...


  1. Ohmygosh, those owl hats are to die for! My little cousins would look adorable in them...

  2. Your owl hats are adorable. I can see why they do so well for you.

  3. Thank you!

    Paige, email me if you want to order and I'll make you a good deal :)

  4. From one owl maker to another -- you're owl hats are wonderful!!!

    I would love to see you include photos in each of your blog posts, since your items are so adorable!

    Happy blogging!

  5. Thank you Maureen! Will do! :)