Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's New Wednesday (A bit late)

Without further delay..

What's new is something I am so excited! For those of you that use Etsy you may be familiar with the Etsy Team feature. For those not familiar with Etsy, the team section allows fellow creators to team up, share wisdom, easily network, and so much more. I came across the Etsy Military Wives Team. This is a team of creators who have some direct tie to the military. Such a great way to network with other spouses like myself. This past week I was asked to become a team leader for the Etsy Military Wives Team. I am so excited to help out this great group of military spouses and family members!

I will be working on "Twitter Tuesday" posts where I will be tweeting sales and other fun stuff from our team members. Please follow the Etsy Military Wives Team Twitter page if you would like to keep up on this info on Tuesdays and through out the week.

I will be also be helping with the "Facebook Friday" event where we promote our shops, sales and more. Please "like" our Facebook Page if you would like as well.

Finally, I have been given the task to promote our daily blog posts as well. So I'm super happy about that! :)

If you like to support military spouses please give some love to the great members of this awesome group. I'm so honored to have been chosen!

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