Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Shop Feature!

Are you a military spouse? Is your husband deployed right now? Are you not so anxiously counting down the days until the next deployment? Do you like to support the businesses of those who are married to or enlisted in the military?

Today I am featuring My Sweet Baby Love Boutique. Jen, founder of My Sweet Baby Love Boutique, mother, and USMC spouse, came up with the idea for her shop two years ago. While celebrating her first Christmas with her husband she was looking for a gift on a budget, as most of us do! They decided to make gifts for one another. Her gift to her husband was a quilt made from his favorite things. After Christmas she found out she was pregnant and started sewing  some items for her daughter. With a new found love for sewing Jen discovered Etsy from a friend and has never looked back. In October 2010 My Sweet Baby Love Boutique opened on Etsy. This venture has been an excellent way for Jen to be a stay at home mom while her husband is serving our Country.

When visiting this Etsy Shop you will find fabulous hand created items. I personally LOVE the Custom Military Stuffed puppy. This cute puppy is made from a service members uniform blouse. The rank and name strip are used to further make this a one of a kind gift for your child, or loved one. I think even I would like to have one of these when hubby deploys, or just as a great momento!

Custom Military Stuffed Puppy

There are items available for everyone, not just those with loved ones in the service. You can find adorable slippers that can be customized with your little ones initials, customizable baby wipe cases and more!

Please visit Jen's Etsy shop, My Sweet Baby Love Boutique, and show her items some love! If you know of someone in the military with kids that might benefit from one of these adorable puppy's while dad or mom is deployed please pass along the info!

Thanks Jen for allowing me to feature you, happy shopping everyone!


  1. What a darling shop!!

    We are very grateful to Jen's husband for his service and to Jen and their family for the sacrifices they go through having their loved one away from home. God bless.

    Smiles, Karen

  2. First of all, thanks to Jen and her husband for the service they are giving to your country and our way of life. I am the spouse of a 20 Navy vet so I know the sacrifices that are made each and every day.
    Jen's items are just adorable and I wish her much sucess!!

  3. Thank you to you and your family for your service to our country and our freedom! Your items are adorable!