Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good Morning Wednesday!

Need a laugh this morning? Read on..

While getting ready for my day, kids still sleeping, I was startled by my husband who was supposed to be at work. I proceeded to whack him with the hairbrush in my hand when he startled me. Poor guy. The reason why he was home? When packing his uniform the night before he grabbed a pillowcase instead of his uniform tshirt. Close in color, not hard to do in the dark, Funny none the less. Good to know I can defend my house with my hairbrush huh? =)

Taking my little one back for another burn appointment today and for shots. Big day for her. Hopefully getting my treasury of the week posted tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned!

If you have an item you think would be a good feature item please post a direct link in a comment. I may add some of your items as well :)


  1. lol! At least it was just a hairbrush and not a baseball bat!

  2. oh, btw, saw you on the etsy blog team. :)