Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Military Feature!

Today's shop feature is all about items made to support our military! Kelly Tode, owner of Beauty.Mark Military Boutique, started her business in January 2011. She needed a hobby, and her hobby turned into her passion! She decided that others may be interested in her unique items. Items range from Military Jewelry (Name Tape Bracelets, Charm Necklaces & Bracelets) to Military Headbands & Hair Clips!  I love these items, most are made from uniform of your selected branch and their are serveral ways to personalize the pieces to make them even more special.

One of my favorite Items currently featured in the Beauty.Mark Military Boutique on Facebook is the Name Tape Bracelet. This is a bracelet made from a material in the pattern of your service members uniform, and can be customized with different colored ribbons and a name tape with your selected name. I think this is a great piece, and really neat if you have a love one that is deployed.


If you are interested in finding out about this product or the others within the Beauty.Mark Military Boutique please visit Kelly's Facebook Page at:

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  1. Those are really cute...thanks for sharing it! I have a thing for bracelets!